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Airsoft Propulsion Types

In the world of airsoft there is 3 basic types of propulsion systems that are used to propel the plastic BB: Spring/Air, Electric (AEG), and Gas. Read on to learn more about these types.

Spring/Air guns use a spring or plain old air to propel the airsoft BB. Most spring/air guns are accurate to scale and to weight. Their design and propelling system used makes spring/air guns the most affordable and reliable types of airsoft guns that you can buy. They have a very low failure rate and are very durable. They shoot 6mm plastic airsoft BBs which are fed through the clip. Most spring/air guns shoot up to or around 230 feet per second (FPS) and have an accuracy range of 85 feet or higher. Spring/air guns make it great for target practice or even outdoor or indoor recreation. Most guns have the "Hop Up" system, which simply means that there is a drag in the top of the barrel that puts a back spin on the pellet which makes it fly further and straighter.

Electric (AEG)
Electric, or sometimes called AEG which is short for airsoft electric guns incorporate a battery powered motor, transmission gearing, and circuit board onto the air piston assembly. Instead of manually cocking the piston head for every shot, the motor and gears perform the cocking action and release of the piston the moment the trigger is pulled. The speed at which the motor and gears perform the entire action is within a fraction of a second, allowing for near instantaneous firing response. Most electric airsoft guns have the option to switch between single shot firing or full auto where as long as your holding the trigger a continous stream of BBs will be fired. The speed of which electric guns can fire can be up to 300 FPS or more. Electric airsoft guns are recommended for outdoor use because of their very high rate of fire.

Gas Powered
Gas powered airsoft guns run on either carbon dioxide (CO2), enviroment safe freon, or green gas which are the most popular types of gas used. All models are manufactured to a high degree of surface detail and dimension, these are for the more discerning collector.

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