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What exactly are paintball guns?
Paintball guns were first used back in the 70's in which foresters would mark trees using paintball guns for planning trails or by farmers to mark cattle. This led to foresters starting to horse around and shooting at each other for fun. In 1981 twelve friends played "Capture the Flag" with the paintball guns. The twelve friends then decided to buy a tree-marking gun manufacturer to promote they're new recreation and light entertainment sport. In 1982, the first paintball field was opened in Rochester, New York.

Nowadays paintball has evolved into a large sport, where huge tournaments are held which over 100 competitors come to compete it for cash and prizes. Paintball has become so popular because of some of the equipment that is used. You won't find to many other sports where you can use a gun without having to worry about the dangers of a real firearm.

The basics of paintball equipment include: the paintball itself, paintball gun (also known as the paintball marker), compressed gas, and the hopper. The paintball itself is just a hard ball measuring only 0.68 inches in diameter, which is filled with tiny containers of paint. Paintballs come in many colours and are non-toxic and water-soluble, so the paint will wash off clothes and skin easily. When a paintball hits you, it leaves a 6-inch splatter of paint. The paintball guns job is to propel the paintball at a high rate of speed. The paintball guns are limited to shooting up to 300 feet per second (FPS), for anything faster can become dangerous. In paintball guns the paintball is propelled by compressed gas. This gas can be carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (N2), or just plain old air. The hopper is attached to the paintball gun, and it is used to store the paintballs.

Paintball guns are intended for a sport, but are also used for military and police training. There are a variety of different brands and designs of paintball guns on the market today. You can find paintball guns and accessories at our online store section.

You can find even more information on paintball guns on "How Paintball Works" article.

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